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an 8 year old cross-breed with vestibular syndrome and hip osteoarthritis


I first treated Cassie when she suffered an episode of vestibular syndrome, what we often call a ‘stroke’ in dogs.Vestibular syndrome or ‘stroke’ comes on suddenly causing dogs to lose their balance, often falling over. They often have symptoms of motion sickness; not wanting to eat, vomiting, nausea and drooling. These symptoms can last for days or weeks.


Generally she had been looking older, showing signs of arthritis and was less able to jump up and go under fences on her walks. Her owner sought treatment with acupuncture primarily for the signs of ‘stroke’, but also to help with the arthritis.


I was able to help Cassie with the nausea she was experiencing by using several acupuncture points one of which may be familiar. PC-6 is the point that travel bands use to alleviate travel sickness and it can be used to treat nausea and vomiting from a variety of causes, including IBS, side-effects of drugs or chemotherapy, and even morning sickness. To treat her hip arthritis and muscle wasting I used points around her hip joints, along her back and near her stifles. I also used Kidney points around her hocks to energise and invigorate her.


Cassie responded well to acupuncture, she made a quick recovery from her stroke, much sooner than expected. Her symptoms resolved within days and she was able to get back to her usual walks and appetite. As well as treating the symptoms of her conditions, acupuncture helped her body heal itself after her stroke, allowing her to bounce back so quickly.


After the vestibular syndrome resolved, we continued treating for arthritis. Over time her back legs, which were wasting, have regained their strength. She now looks great at the back end, her muscles are back to normal, even her coat is glossy and shining! The soreness of arthritis is well-controlled without using medication and she loves her walks.


I am lucky enough to see Cassie very regularly, she’s always pleased to see me and enjoys having her treatment, usually she falls asleep!

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