Tallulah - Veterinary Acupuncture & Homeopathy Carmarthenshire
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a 7 week old Shih Tzu with 'swimmer puppy' syndrome.


Poor Tallulah was born with ‘swimmer puppy’ syndrome, leaving her unable to walk, dragging her hind legs behind her. Many puppies are euthanased or simply die due to this condition, but Tallulah made it to Many Tears Animal Rescue where everything was done to get her better.


A wonderful fosterer took Tallulah on and worked hard with hydrotherapy, high-friction surfaces and physiotherapy. But progress was slow and Tallulah would seem to take one step forward, then a step right back again.


When I examined Tallulah it was obvious just how far we still had to go. Her hips had very little muscle support, the soft tissue attachments were extremely loose and little Tallulah could do very little to move her legs at all. I used points around her hip joints to improve the blood supply to that area in order to kick start the body to make muscle and heal. I also attempted to calm her down using sedation points…. But that only kicked in once I’d finished!


Five days later, and Tallulah was already showing massive improvement. She was able to use her back legs to run around on grass and was able to hold herself almost upright. I examined her a week after her first treatment and I was amazed. Her hips were already covered by muscle and the joints were held tightly. I treated her again feeling so positive!


After her second treatment, Tallulah has gone from strength to strength. She can run around and play like a normal puppy, jumping up on her back legs. I can barely believe how well she's doing. Real credit has to go to her fosterer Anne for all her work with physio and hydrotherapy. But for me the silver bullet has been the acupuncture, I could never have expected such a speedy recover without this fantastic therapy!

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