Stihl - Veterinary Acupuncture & Homeopathy Carmarthenshire
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an 8 year old Australian Kelpie with chronic anal gland problems.


Stihl had recurrent, severe anal gland problems for several weeks. She had been treated with antibiotics, she’d been sedated and had them flushed, as well as having them emptied regularly. Nothing did the trick. She was in constant pain around her back end, kept her tail clamped down (no wagging) and was so cautious about anyone approaching her by her tail – and understandably so!


I started a course of acupuncture treatment with Stihl. I was aiming to help with the anxiety about being approached by her tail, to reduce the inflammation and pain of her anal glands, and to rebalance her immune system which was probably over-reacting to her glands.


After the first session, Stihl was immediately happy to lift her tail and wag. She required several treatments, but acupuncture made a big difference and she didn’t need any further treatment for her glands for over a year. She was able to compete comfortably at her beloved agility! Stihl does require ongoing acupuncture treatment for her anal gland problem, she needs ‘top-ups’ to keep them under control every few months, but she has made a dramatic improvement from that first episode.


Her owner says

I can't thank Jo enough. She has made our cautious, stressed girl happy again. Not only that, but with her added happiness to lift her tail she'll now play happily with the other dogs again. Thank you!

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